about me…

I was born on April 15th 1984 in East Tyrol/Austria and had a very beautiful childhood on a mountain farm in St.Jakob in Defereggen. My parents did a very good job and raised me as best as they could. Besides that, I have got 2 brothers; it is always good when you can rely on your family.

I picked up skiing when I was 4 years old, practiced it with all my heart almost every day ever since by what I developed my great passion for snow, the enormous fascination for mountains and skiing. Thus, I decided to turn my hobby  into my profession in order to spend my time in the nature and sometimes to physically challenge not only myself but also share it with my guests. Therefore, my most important intention is, if we are lucky enough, to put a big smile on everbody`s face.

My education:

State certified ski instructor/ ski guide since 2009
Certified ski instructor level 2/3 since 2009
mountain-rescue organization since 2007
Summer: carpenter                                                                                                                               

Hobbies in summer: climbing, mountainbiking, kite surfing (as much as possible)

The most important point for me is the security in the mountains. A decent knowledge about the area, avalanche warnings, snow and weather reports. In all, observing the mountains the whole winter long. And if there should be a little doubt or just a tiny sign of a bad feeling, we will find an alternative run. After spending a wonderful holiday on the slopes or off pist together, the conclusion for my guests will be good learning outcomes with amazing climbs and breath-taking ski-runs in the powder.